Thirteen Prom Dresses That Are Better Than Mine Was

April 9, 2009 at 4:06 pm (fashion)


So I was going into the store the other day to buy a birthday cake and I saw a girl in her prom dress.  It was the first round of proms around here.  Most are still coming.  I don’t know about you guys but prom was one school activity that I had some enthusiasm about.  I was eager and ready to go.  But it took me FOREVER to find a dress.  And at the time I was very happy with it.  But it was 1993 and fashion was questionable.  Here I am.


I’m the one in the middle.  The dress was Jessica McClintock, in toilet water blue.  And yeah, I loved it.  Don’t judge me. 😉 (Note the fingerless gloves for a little extra dose of scariness.)

Obviously times have changed.  But the search for the perfect prom dress will never change.  Maybe it was because I was already dating someone at the time but I worried more about the dress than I ever did about the date.   So here’s thirteen prom dresses that I conceed might be a little better than my lace covered teal monstrosity of old.  All come from prom girl.

1. prom2000_2045_7181025

Okay this is just cute.  I am partial to plaid and, admittedly, to pink.  I would totally wear this.  If I wouldn’t look ridiculous in it.  So you should totally wear it instead.

2. prom2000_2045_45252058

This dress is very 1930’s starlet which is always elegant and perfect no matter when it happens.  But I think you’d better be going the minimalist route in the chest area if you hope to pull this one off.  (Read: if you’ve got big boobs this probably isn’t the dress for you.)

3.  prom2000_2045_60618262

This is cute and flirty.  Maybe a little less formal but still very nice.

4.  prom2000_2045_63356044

I love this dress.  First of all I love brown.  And it’s elegant and fun at the same time.  And I love the touch of sparklies.

5.  prom2000_2046_5929601

Okay, this one is Sooooo cute.  It’s very retro while still being fresh and new.  The sparkly green screams, “look at me, I’m confident and cute.”

6.  prom2000_2047_13734006

I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for polka dots.  I wasn’t very girly in school and I’m not sure when my girly side came out, but it’s sure there now.  Love this.

7.  prom2000_2048_288111951

This is a va va voom kind of dress.  If you’re super confident and don’t mind, forget that LOVE, getting attention this is for you.

8.  prom2000_2048_41432854

Here’s another attention getting but I guess the showgirl in me just loves this kind of crap.  Because this thing is smoking.

9.  prom2000_2048_46693727

Red is always a winner.  This is a dress you should probably avoid unless you’re the lean type.  (read: not me!)  Minimal curves will help this one hang right.

10.  prom2000_2049_3456244

First of all I love this color.  It’s great.  And it’s an awesome choice for all those curvy girls that didn’t score with the dress above.

11.  prom2000_2049_13631362

This is another less formal but definitely flirty dress.  If you’re the type who is more cute than glamorous this is a definite front runner.

12.  prom2000_2049_14123850

I’m going to go ahead and grant you that this dress is a bit much but if you’re the sort who can bring the drama baby than this is the way to go.  Look at that draped netting over the bronze skirt.

13.  prom2000_2049_15694841

Here’s another sparkler.  But with a very nice, clean cut that makes carrying off that much bling easier.

And as a bonus (if you order today 😉 ) I read a book about a month ago that fits perfectly today.  It’s an older book but if you haven’t read it I suggest you do.

top-10Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress by Tina Ferraro is clever and funny.  I laughed out loud several times.  And Jared is one of the hottest characters I’ve read in a long time.  YA or adult.  Makes me wish I was seventeen again.

Happy proming!



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