Romantic Comedies

What You See

Roslyn Keats has enough on her plate dealing with her dad’s new wife and her psycho new step sister, the head cheerleader at her school.  The last thing she has time for is playing tour guide to Blakely “Just Blake” Knox, the most annoying guy on earth.  Who comes to school wearing argyle, honestly?

From day one Blake is a headache as big as the palatial boston mansion from which he hails.  But he has a skill that Ross and the school paper she edits, really really need.  So she’s his new best friend until he agrees to do the task that no one else wants.  And if he doesn’t Ross will have to.  Between them, Blake is the lesser of two evils.  Maybe.

But there’s a lot that Ross doesn’t see from the outside, looking in.  And there’s some serious surprises in store, about Blake, her new sister Kinsey, her best friend Lizzy, even about herself.   Because what you see isn’t always what you get.


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