Urban Fantasy

Some Strange Magic

For Voirey Cruz life is perfect.  Until suddenly it isn’t.  Her father is killed in a random mugging on a business trip to Denver and she and her mother discover they’re left with nothing.  Except an aging Gothic inn in the Colorado mountains where they’ll have to live until they recoup some of their losses.

The inn belongs to Voirey and her mom but it’s run by Joe Weeks and his two teenage sons, Griffin and Cutter. It doesn’t take Voirey long to realize that fatherly Joe, friendly and funny Cutter, and punked out and mysterious Griffin are up to something strange.

But lessons in hard reality are just beginning for Voirey, because sometimes an animal isn’t just an animal, sometimes magic is real, sometimes the fight between good and evil isn’t just on television, and some boys are really not what they seem to be.


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